IQ test competition

Hello! This page, represents an international IQ test company, which have organized an competition all over the world, to see which nation is the most intelligent nation! This competition began in 2007 in Europe, and then slowly spread! Slowly this project includes other countries all over the world. So this becomes a world competition in intelligence! This company have made a great IQ test, and they gave us a opportunity to test our intelligence on their website! IQ tests are composed of experts from this areas of work, so they are very professional, and give accurate results! It is true that on the Internet you can find other IQ tests, but none of them can give you even approximately correct results as this IQ test! This test has more advantages compared to other IQ tests. If you do this test, you get a chance to compare your IQ with the average coefficient in your country, well as the world! You get the opportunity to help your nation to win in this competition and become the smartest nation in the world! So, do the IQ test, check your IQ, and help your nation to become the most intelligent nation in the world! Test your IQ..

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